Tarot & Travel Questions

Travel uncertainty is among the biggest stressor when it comes to the holidays. Will you have enough money to travel, will the car be okay for that snowy road trip, will the flight get delayed, will customs clearance go okay, will everything be all right?

For every travel question, Tarot has a card for that. In fact, Tarot probably has more travel questions than any other theme in life, oddly enough. When you are asking travel questions of Tarot, be specific. You can do these in simple one-card draws. I prefer to ask Tarot yes or no questions for travel queries.

Some examples are, will the flight be okay? Will our journey be okay today? Will we have safe travels? But if you are worried about one specific thing, like say running out of gas, ask the Tarot. Will you run out of gas today?

You can also ask Tarot action questions if you don’t want to use Yes or No questions. What do I need to do to have a safe journey with my family today?

Use our Tarot meanings and definitions to get answers. Sometimes the answer could be confusing which is why Yes or No questions are best. Bright coloured pictures suggest a yes, darker cards suggest a no, but be careful as sometimes the darker cards are telling you that you are worrying for nothing.

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