Tarot & Gift Questions

We all have that one person on our list that is impossible to buy for. The Tarot can help with that, believe it or not! Use the suits of the Tarot to your advantage. But the Tarot does have other clues.

The Chariot card says you should get something car related for the person you are asking for. The Sun says you should get something for summer or warm weather for that person, but it could also be a gardening tip. The Lovers card suggests something romantic and sexy. You get the picture.

In all likelihood, when you ask the Tarot and get your card, you will be inspired by the symbolism immediately. Expect to think, “Oh I know what I’m getting them now!” The first thing you think of as far as a gift is concerned is the gift you should get when you have this gift reading.

But the suits of the Tarot can help too.

  • Air signs and Swords suggest gifts involving paper or gadgets. Some nice stationery or a sweet accessory for their phone or tablet.
  • Earth signs and Pentacles are coming up for the gardener on your list. Get some nice gardening tools or make a gardening gift basket. But pentacles may also be money, and who doesn’t want free money at the holidays? Get them a gift certificate to somewhere they can treat themselves.
  • Water signs and Cups are coming up for gifts that need to come from the heart. That means, don’t break the bank but put some love and thought into it. The 6 of Cups, for example, may be telling you to just draw something or write something sweet for that special gift. The 7 of Cups may be hinting to use your imagination and fantasy to find that special something. The key here is to lead with love, and you’ll know what to get.
  • Fire signs and Wands come up for gifts that feed the sparks of fire. This could be actual fire. In which case, a fireplace poker or accessory set, or a set of candles would be a nice gift. Or it could be something super sexy. You’ll know it when you see the card.

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