Meanings of the astral houses

An important part of astrology is the one that has to do with the astral charts, a method of diagramming that represents the sky and the earth from a geocentric perspective, that is, from a specific place and time. Today we are going to dedicate ourselves to talk to you about the meanings of the astral houses, one of the elements included in this diagram.

Astral houses
For those who do not know, the astral houses are the divisions or segments that make up the archetypal space of an astral chart, showing how the energies of the planets and signs are found in each space of the Earth and delimiting the areas of experience through of which interacts with the world, the outside and the environment.

Now, what are the meanings of the astral houses? To answer this question it is necessary to say that there are several houses, so we will begin with the first, represented by the ego, the physical, the personality and the self, while the second indicates priorities, money, accumulation and values.

On the other hand, house 3 includes ideas, siblings, the environment and communication. In turn, house 4 is the family, the father, the roots and the ends. House 5 includes creation, children, romance and play. House 6 contains work, health, routines and pets, and house 7 represents the couple, the rival, the partner and “the other”.

Finally, in the meanings of the astral houses it is emphasized that the 8th house is the crisis, the change, the sex and the money of another. House 9 covers philosophy, education, belief and travel. House 10 symbolizes success, career, status and mother. House 11 incorporates groups, dreams, ideals and friends and, finally, house 12 stages retirement, rest, the occult and the prenatal.

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