Cats: animals of esotericism?

Since ancient times, cats have been cult animals. The Romans, Egyptians and later the Ottomans have linked these noble animals with the occult and the unexplainable sciences. Next, we will explain why cats are considered to be esoteric animals.

Without a doubt, cats are animals of esotericism. As we mentioned at the beginning, their figure and representation have always been involved in any esoteric activity or that involves the knowledge of internal sciences.

Why are cats the reference of the esoteric?
There is no valid or accurate answer, this is due to the different reasons that explain its presence in rituals. However, there is a theory that is increasingly credible. Here we will talk about it:

The Egyptians believed that cats were spiritual guardians and of all that energy that was not perceptible. The explanation for this is that these small animals are always observing the void, attentive to things that are not seen and meowing spaces or imperceptible elements. In addition, they constantly flee without apparent cause and are always ready to attack.

It is estimated that these attitudes are due to the perception of energies that humans can not perceive. Possibly they see things that men do not and absorb the burdens, clean the environment and eliminate bad energies. That is why sometimes we can see how there are cats that get sick inexplicably.

It is believed that cats can be guides in astral travel. Therefore, those who own these pet animals are calmer and can better control their emotions. Cats could be sentinels in their owners’ journeys: the main reason why the Egyptians placed them in their graves.

Cats are animals of esotericism and that has turned their image into bad omen or with negative characteristics. However, the opposite should happen. These animals can be a great company

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