Tarot of the Witches: An Insightful Journey

Witchcraft, the practice of harnessing natural and supernatural forces, has long been associated with both benevolent and malevolent acts. In ancient times, witches were not solely seen as wielders of evil power but were often revered for their prophetic abilities. One of the most renowned witches from history is the Witch of Endor, who resided in Palestine. According to the Bible, Saul, the first King of the Hebrews, sought her guidance before his battle with the Philistines.

In the realm of Tarot readings, witches play a pivotal role. A black witch may tend toward interpretations imbued with mischief and darker aspects, while a white witch often highlights favorable and uplifting prospects. Both types of witches are exceptionally skilled in Tarot card reading due to their heightened perception and concentration.

Whether you identify as a witch or warlock or are simply drawn to the mystique of the occult, the act of reading Tarot cards fosters a deep connection with their symbolic imagery. The mystical illustrations on the cards evoke a rich tapestry of ideas and symbols, which the reader interprets to uncover events from the past, present, and potential future.

Historically, a coven often consisted of a number similar to the fourteen cards in each suit of the Tarot deck—ten pip cards numbered 1 to 10, plus the four court cards: valet (page), knight, queen, and king. Modern playing cards, however, contain thirteen cards per suit, mirroring the thirteen members found in many contemporary covens.

The magick circle, a sacred space of worship and knowledge, is integral to witchcraft. Within its bounds lies potent and compelling energy. Standing at the threshold of the magick circle symbolizes a transition from darkness and ignorance to enlightenment, knowledge, and wisdom.

Within the magick circle, the four cardinal points correspond to the suits of the Tarot:

  • North: Represented by swords, equivalent to the suit of Swords or Spades, symbolizes the magnetic center of the universe.
  • South: Signified by Batons, Wands, or Clubs, denotes struggle.
  • East: Symbolized by the chalice of wine, equivalent to the suit of Cups or Hearts, represents great knowledge.
  • West: Represented by paten cakes or coins, equivalent to the suit of Coins, Pentacles, or Diamonds, signifies meditation.

An ancient verse encapsulates the essence of witchcraft and Tarot divination: “The witch woman
Sees fortunes bold
Hidden thoughts
Visions old.
Shame and truth
Before devil’s eyes
Every woman is a witch
Every witch is wise.”

Divination under the influence of witchcraft is a venerable art. Individuals with clairvoyant abilities often find that the fervor and energy of magical rites amplify their powers. A diverse array of Tarot decks is suitable for witchcraft readings, each offering unique insights and guidance.

The Tarot of the Witches offers an insightful journey into the intertwined realms of witchcraft and Tarot. Whether seeking wisdom, enlightenment, or a glimpse into the future, the ancient and mystical practice of Tarot reading through the lens of witchcraft remains a powerful and compelling art form.

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