Tarot & Family Questions

We all have that drunk uncle or that family member we just aren’t too sure of. Or there may be a family conflict now and you are worried if it’s going to ruin the holidays. You are not alone. Tarot can’t give you advice on that remember. But when it comes to Tarot and family stuff, it’s always better to ask the Tarot what you need to do to get through these situations with a smile.

These are easy, one card draws. Just ask the Tarot what action you should take to get through this family situation. You may get a high action card like, 8 of Wands or the Chariot, which suggests travel to go see them. Or you may get a low action card like the 2 of Swords which is telling you to just sit on this for a bit and see what happens because there is more to this situation than meets the eye.

You may also be told by Tarot to give up on this, and stop stressing about it. The 8 of Cups would be a good card for that.

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