Spirituality has been defined throughout history, in many ways. Without any doubts, it will depend on the magnifying glass that it is looked through but we can take spirituality as a belief in a supreme power from the universe or in the idea that everything is interconnected or even to make personal and ethical values as one.

Whatever the point, everyone gets to the same result, to the search for happiness and inner peace, the positive energy. Spirituality does not have anything to do with any religion, but it is a state that we can all find, day by day.

Today, we find ourselves searching even more for spirituality and were the new age trend increases in strength. We are starting to realize that technology and science have not been able to give us what we need, to obtain that peace and spiritual well-being that we seek.

In ancient times, the majority of traditions were handed down from healers that had the spiritual knowledge to heal. The body and the soul are interconnected, “Whoever has spiritual blockages, also has physical illnesses.” That is one of the greatest truths of spirituality and it seems that the ancient people dominated this knowledge very well.

With the arrival of the scientific revolution and the enlightenment era, the ways of spiritual healing were removed from the medical system. And now yet again, we have in our society, the ancient healing techniques that are performed through energies, such as reiki.

Spiritual practice does not only have to do with good health but also with the emotional and the skills to cope with everyday situations. It has been proven that the development of spirituality helps with states of depression, optimism and promotes healthy behaviors.

One of the most important components of spirituality is, FAITH. Faith is practiced through prayer and optimism. That is to say, trust and the certainty of what is positive are fundamental in order to heal and evolve.

Love is perhaps the key to spirituality. Studies indicate that people that experience love and support have the tendency to avoid destructive behavior. They experience less feelings of stress and they tend to be healthier. Love is the fountain of life and also, the fountain of spiritual development.

In today’s times, we are going through constant change; the world is changing and the sources of spirituality and ancestral knowledge has started to appear, perhaps it is time to realize and turn to spiritual change.

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