Free Vampire Tarot

The Vampire Tarot presents a symbolic parallelism between vampires and humans. Characteristics from the vampire world are used to explain the real world.

This fantastic tarot deck can be defined as a homage to the significant horror literature of the 19th century. The images transport the observer to a distant era in fantastical and mysterious places, where darkness plays a fundamental role. The walls of old castles guard and conceal the secrets of the vampire, depicted here in all its manifestations: man, woman, dog, wolf, bat, demon, or monster.

The Vampire Tarot has been faithfully created following the meanings of traditional tarot; this way, interpretation will be easier for less experienced readers, while the more versed ones, on the other hand, can draw inspiration from the nocturnal, gothic, and romantic world of these cards.

Android App: Vampire Tarot Android

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