Aura Colors Based Off Of Your Zodiac Sign

In basic terms, the aura is a luminous energy or electromagnetic field that surrounds all living beings in an oval shape and is imperceptible to the naked eye.

The aura is the combination of the etheric, emotional, and physical bodies, as well as the information of our souls. It is connected to the chakras.

All our thoughts, feelings, and experiences are reflected in the aura, as well as the energy we attract from our surroundings. In this sense, the soul reflects our energy and attracts energy from other bodies and environments.

Like everything else in the universe, the aura is vibration, and as such, it responds to other vibrations. Thus, vibrations in the form of thought, feeling, or interaction with other energies (in space or from other people) affect and shape the vibration of the aura.

Inanimate objects also have an energy surrounding them. Typically, these auras are a combination of the environment and the energies of the people who have been in contact with the object.

The aura is not static. It changes over time, with our personal and spiritual evolution, and with the environment.

Each color of the aura reflects a quality, and the shades of that color speak to the quantity or deficiency of that quality in the person in question.

The following application attempts, through numerological methods, to inform you of the predominant color of your aura.

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