Tarot & Family Questions

We all have that drunk uncle or that family member we just aren’t too sure of. Or there may be a family conflict now and you are worried if it’s going to ruin the holidays. You are not alone. Tarot can’t give you advice on that remember. But when it comes to Tarot and family stuff, it’s always better to ask the Tarot what you need to do to get through these situations with a smile.
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Tarot & Timing Questions

Okay, so we all have a lot of “when” questions when it comes to the Tarot. For the holidays, those questions are going to be like, “When am I getting paid” or “When will that package arrive” or “when should we hold family functions” or things like that. So there is a very general rule of thumb with timing questions and the Tarot, and again we look to the suits for that.Continue reading

Tarot & Gift Questions

We all have that one person on our list that is impossible to buy for. The Tarot can help with that, believe it or not! Use the suits of the Tarot to your advantage. But the Tarot does have other clues.

The Chariot card says you should get something car related for the person you are asking for. The Sun says you should get something for summer or warm weather for that person, but it could also be a gardening tip. The Lovers card suggests something romantic and sexy. You get the picture.
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