Cats: animals of esotericism?

Since ancient times, cats have been cult animals. The Romans, Egyptians and later the Ottomans have linked these noble animals with the occult and the unexplainable sciences. Next, we will explain why cats are considered to be esoteric animals.

Without a doubt, cats are animals of esotericism. As we mentioned at the beginning, their figure and representation have always been involved in any esoteric activity or that involves the knowledge of internal sciences.Continue reading

What stone goes with your sign?

Those of us who believe in the occult at a glance, that is, in what few understand, that science can not explain and that magic seems to fully understand, we know that not every element works with any person, that is why today we will tell you what stone goes with your sign.

Properties of stones

Although it may seem strange, stones really have incomparable energy powers that can help you connect more effectively with your interests and your life goals, so buying one that is really compatible with you can be very beneficial in all the senses.

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